About Grey Area

Grey Area is a Paris based editions and multiples project specialising in commissioning and producing original contemporary art.

Grey Area works closely with artists, inviting them to come up with ideas especially suitable for development and production as a high quality limited edition multiple, resulting in an exhibition at the gallery space in Paris.

Using new and traditional fabrication processes we keep edition sizes small, meaning we are not lost in the world of mass commerce which would distract from the real purpose of making great artworks. Within this structure we can also keep prices low, making buying limited edition contemporary art affordable to all.

The development of the works is driven primarily by the artist. Through conversation with the artist and testing of materials and processes we focus in on the possibilities of the idea and how it can be best conveyed given the array of technology available.

At Grey Area we are excited by artists and their ideas and strive to realise the best ideas possible, however complicated they may be.

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