What is a Multiple?

Grey Area is a Paris based editions and multiples project specialising in commissioning and producing original contemporary art. But what is a multiple?

An artist multiple is a limited edition artwork that is produced with or by the artist in series. This can be for several reasons: for example there are a multitude of exciting production techniques that are not viable for producing one-off pieces. If the artist is keen on using these processes then making a series of works can help make the process more affordable. This would be true of casting with any material, laser cutting, and printing where set up costs can be very expensive.

Other reasons can be to produce something that has a look that is not handmade, or to make contemproary artworks more affordable.

In the case of Grey Area we want to be able to offer the artist opportunities to make works they would not usually be able to, and also to be able to offer these artworks to buy at much lower prices than their unique works.

The important thing within all of this is that the artistic value of the artwork is not compromised and also that the artworks are not lazily produced in enormous editions. The artworks should still be special and intelligently thought out.

If you are keen to know more about artist multiples then please get in touch.

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