The Grey Area Manifesto

The Grey Area manifesto is a declaration of our aims when producing limited edition artists multiples.

Always work closely with the artists

Allowing artists to have total artistic control of a project is vital... they are the reason grey area exists. We are however always there to research on their behalf, give advice and use our experience to aid the production and development of the ideas. We are happy to have as much or little involvement as the artist needs or wants.

Produce only fantastic works

It sounds idealistic or naïve, but there are an awful lot of mediocre multiples out there; often watered down versions of wonderful ideas, produced as such due to time or budgetary constraints, a simple lack of ambition or a shortfall in experience of what makes a good editioned work. Grey Area will only complete the final artwork when it is right.

Artists of all nationalities

Grey Area is an international project. We are not fixed on using only artists from one particular city.

Artists at all stages of their career

The most important thing is to commission great artworks. Grey Area intends to work with artists at any stage in their careers.

Keep prices down

The current energetic state of the art market tends to encourage over ambitious pricing that eliminates ‘normal people’ from purchasing quality art works. Grey Area intends to produce artworks that are attainable for people with ordinary salaries.

A multiple is not just a print

Editioned artworks originate in the world of printmaking, still a wonderful medium to work with, however modern technology gives us the potential to work in a whole host of new areas. Grey Area’s experience in both traditional and newer methods of production can be put to use to produce 2D, 3D and moving image work as editioned pieces.

A multiple should be a total work of art

Getting the artwork right, be it a sculpture, print or whatever we are working on is vital, but the packaging, presentation, framing and display of art works is often overlooked as an important and powerful element of the whole. Grey Area will produce works that have been considered and beautifully produced in every aspect right down to the labels and authenticity certificates.

Make quantities and pricing clear and easy to understand

Grey Area wants to make pricing clear and to achieve this it is necessary to be transparent about what the true edition size is, how many artist’s proofs (APs) there are and what they are for.