Grey Area Exhibition

Grey Area are showing at:

MAD 2 Art Fair - Multiple Art Days, 2016

Grey Area will be showing a curated project of inspired yet affordable editions.

3 artists (2 female and 1 male) are exhibited side by side, each of whom investigate in their own way, the process of creativity. In each case the relationship between artistic process and their own personal creativity is explicit and direct.

Sophie Glover takes us inside creative spaces; artist studios, printing ateliers, even a glove maker. With great observational skill she draws creative people in their private spaces, she makes drawings that depict not only the artists themselves but also the ephemera, tools and their creations. These are all printed in an inventive way which mix various types of digital printing technology and are then hand coloured to make works which are intriguing on many levels.

Guy Allott takes an extremely hands on approach, his print work covers woodcutting, lino cutting and simple relief printing. For MAD2 he has made a series of bold editions that present the tools, specifically the saw blades he uses in the studio, this insight into his working process is contrasted by bucolic woodcut and linocut images of outdoor spaces where he reflects on life a world away from the studio.

Shiri Skalka works entirely with paper making small run editions that hover somewhere between 2 and 3 dimensions. She hand makes miniature bookcases stacked with tiny books made from reclaimed paper and card which often represent a library of works by a specific writer from Edgar Allen Poe to Ernest Henningway. They offer an imagined insight into the working process of writers and poets which have a charm and nostalgia.

Each artist has a unique vision and employs an array of technical processes and when exhibited together they offer not only a fascinating combination of techniques but also an interesting insight into the act of creation itself.

29th September - 2nd October 2016 at La Maison Rouge

Opening Event
September 29th, from 2pm to 9pm (invitation required).

Opening Hours
Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st from 12pm to 7pm
Sunday, October 2nd from 12pm to 6pm

Admission: 5€
Free admission: 18 and under, students, unemployed.

La Maison Rouge
10 Boulevard de la Bastille
75012 Paris
Telephone +33 40 01 08 81

MAD 2 Art Fair

MAD 2 Art Fair

MAD 2 Art Fair